Abstract: Lacquer is a natural secretion of the lacquer tree, mainly containing lacquer phenol, laccase, gum and water. At room temperature, it is oxidised and polymerised into a film by the action of laccase. Lacquer film is hard, glossy, water and moisture resistant, resistant to chemical media and soil corrosion. It is one of China’s major specialties, and world-famous with its long history. The flute is a popular wind instrument in China, and the flute made of bamboo is called ‘bamboo flute’. Having a wide range of varieties, the bamboo flute with membrane holes is a unique invention in China, with a clear, transparent, and melodious tone.

The technique of making lacquer flutes with membrane holes by lacquer stripping process is a composite of the traditional “bodiless” lacquer process and the bamboo flute-making method. The lacquer flute made by combining the above two methods not only has a clear and bright sound, comparable to bamboo flute, but also has very good weather resistance, whether at high temperatures and high humidity, in cold and dry conditions or even in the event of a sudden change in temperature and humidity. It does not warp or crack, effectively overcoming the disadvantages of bamboo flutes, which are poorly weather-resistant and prone to cracking.

This lecture will focus on the techniques of laminating, stripping, pipe making, hole opening, tuning and decorating in the production of bodiless lacquer flutes. The aim is to explore how to better promote the integration and innovation of various traditional crafts on the basis of adhering to traditional production techniques, so as to provide a small reference for the heritage and innovation of Chinese excellent traditional crafts excellence.

讲座内容: 大漆是一种天然漆。为漆树的一种分泌物,主要含漆酚、漆酶、树胶质和水分。常温下藉助于漆酶的作用氧化聚合成膜。大漆漆膜坚硬、富有光泽、耐水耐潮、耐化学介质和土壤腐蚀,为我国一大特产,历史悠久,驰名世界。笛子是中国广为流传的吹奏乐器,用竹子制作的笛子称为“竹笛”。竹笛流传地域广大,品种繁多,有膜孔的竹笛是中国独有的发明,其音色清澈透明,婉转悠扬,具有强烈的华夏民族特色。


Speaker: Fang Xiaoyang (Doctor of Science) is the former director of the Department of History of the School of Humanities, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. His main research interests are traditional crafts and heritage science and technology. He has presided over the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and led various projects at the State Administration of Cultural Heritage. He has co-authored and published the following books: The Complete Collection of Chinese Traditional Crafts – Paper Making and PrintingThe Complete Collection of Chinese Traditional Crafts – Ink and Ink MakingThe History of Ancient Chinese Printing Engineering and Technology, and Chinese Handicrafts – Literary and Artistic Treasures.




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